Dec 18, 2023

IAEP Local 370 Members Attend Toy Drive Events

Members of the International Association of EMTs and Paramedics (IAEP) Local 370 in Orange County, California participated in two separate toy drives this December.

Early in the month, members attended Orange County Assemblyman Tri Ta’s open house event, where guests were encouraged to bring an unwrapped toy for the California Highway Patrol’s toy drive. In addition to the Local members, mayors from across Orange County and other members of the community participated in the event. 

“The Executive Board at Local 370 is committed to working with elected local and state officials to build stronger communities by giving back in hopes of inspiring or motivating others to do the same,” said Jimmy Webb, Local 370 Treasurer and Shop Steward. “The support from Locals and National Union Leaders is a vital factor in communities to thrive during difficult times by giving hope for a better future, now!”

In mid-December, Local 370 also attended a toy drive held by the nonprofit Brown Descents Car Club. Over 315 kids were given the chance to pick out toys at the event, as well as make their own ornaments. Bicycles and scooters were also raffled off with no charge for tickets.

“This event just keeps growing,” said Webb. “This is the eighth year they have been doing the drive. You can tell how appreciative the kids were.” 

Local 370 donated over $250 worth of toys and a $250 check for a scholarship fund for graduating high schoolers.

Webb said Local 370 intends to participate in more events that give back to their community this holiday season, including a boxed meal event in Garden Grove, California.

Photos and video from both events can be seen below.

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